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The environment is at the heart of everything we do

The importance of sustainability in industry and manufacture is increasingly at the forefront of what Active Design strives to achieve, ensuring that the way we live, and work is both ethical and environmentally friendly. Promotional Manufacture and Shopfitting is an industry that requires a more considered, sustainable approach.

When we take on a new project, we work with seven points in mind;

Eliminate waste and pollution as much as possible
Make our products more sustainable.
Be energy efficient.
Use clean energy sources.
Recycle wherever possible.
Be diverse and inclusive.
Partner with sustainable companies.

Lighting, displays and electrics

Active Design will advise and specify during the Design process the most environmentally friendly materials as possible. When it comes to lighting and electrics the origin of the products are taken into account, the power required to run them and the heat produced. LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are our current lighting of choice. LED’s are cost effective, economical to run, low maintenance, long lasting, low heat with plenty of colour choice and applications.

Displays, although traditionally prints or duratrans on plastic or paper could be replaced with low energy digital screens, they are low maintenance and in some instances, images can be changed remotely, eliminating the need for travel to change the image.

Design and planning

This process is the moment when all the seven points are taken in mind to make sure that the whole process from build to installation is worked out to include as many as possible.

Material selection

Where possible all our materials are sustainably sourced, our suppliers are checked for the latest certification and that all wood and metals supplied meet the highest level of Environmental standards.


Active Design strives to recycle and reuse as many materials that pass through our company as possible. Where it is not possible to recycle or reuse Active Design has committed to planting a tree for every invoice we produce.

Business introductions and meetings

We prefer to meet were possible via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This reduces unnecessary travel, helping the environment and financial costs for all parties.

The whole manufacture process could also be viewed stage by stage with this process keeping the client up to date and fully informed of the progress of their project.

Let's make a plan together

A clear plan for a new project or just an idea on a napkin?

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